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Como renderizar com o Project Neon (Texto em Ingles)

As you may know, rendering can be a very slow process, especially for those who have a slower computer. There is new hope with the new Revit-compatible Project Neon plug-in that was released on the Autodesk Labs earlier today.  If you want to read more about it check out the article here.

Enough with the small-talk, you’re here to learn how to use it aren’t you?  Well the first step is to download the actual plug-in which can be downloaded here and as far as I know it is only compatible for Revit Architecture 2012.  After installing it you should see this new button in the ribbon above.

1 300x54 How to Render with Project Neon

Find the view you would like to render as you normally would, except instead of using the rendering dialogue as you normally would, go instead to the button that says Render Online.  You will be prompted to login to your Autodesk account (which is free).  This is required because that is where your completed image will be located for later.  The Render Online dialogue will appear and ask you to specify the rendering options.  Keep in mind that this is just a technology preview so the limited options we see here will very likely be improved in the future.  Hit the Start Rendering button after you are done selecting the views and such.

21 300x260 How to Render with Project Neon

That’s it! Your file is now being rendered in the cloud. To retrieve the completed image just click on the My Render Gallery button next to the Render Online button and it should take you to the gallery page online.  Locate your file and download it to your computer or re-render it again if you need to.

31 300x264 How to Render with Project Neon

Having a problem or just want to share your experience with the plug-in? Comment below.

Fonte: http://revitlink.com/tutorials/render-project-neon

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