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AutoCAD 2011 for Mac disponível no portal educativo da Autodesk

O que é o AutoCAD 2011 para Mac?

O AutoCAD ® para Mac ® traz ferramentas 3D avançadas para a sua plataforma de selecção. Irá tirar o máximo partido da plataforma Mac ® OS X, com um interface intuitivo que torna fácil para trazer vida às suas ideias. E porque se trata do AutoCAD, estará a trabalhar de forma nativa no formato DWG ™, assim poderá facilmente compartilhar arquivos com os clientes, fornecedores e parceiros em todo o mundo, independentemente da plataforma.

When will AutoCAD for Mac be available to students?
The software will be available October 15, 2010.

How will AutoCAD for Mac be made available to students?
It will be available from a variety of Autodesk channels:
What version will contain a watermark?
The versions that will contain a watermark are those student versions purchased from an Autodesk Reseller and those downloaded from the Autodesk Education Community.

How long is the license term?
The license term offered on products downloaded from the Education Community is 3 years/36 months. Products purchased from an Autodesk Reseller have perpetual licenses.

What will happen after 3 years to the software downloaded from the Education Community?
The product will time out and you will need to request a new serial number to reactivate.

What happens if I download or purchase a student/education version of the AutoCAD for Mac software—and during the term of the license, I graduate and am no longer considered a student?
The purpose of making the student/education version accessible to students and educators is for personal learning related to academic studies. The copy will continue to function until the end of the license term. During this time you can use the product for personal learning use; however, it is not intended for commercial and/or for profit use. It is important to note that the products purchased from an reseller or downloaded from the Education Community do have watermarks, so any designs created in these student versions will carry that mark even if opened and modified in a commercially licensed version.

I have already created and saved designs in AutoCAD for Windows®. Will files created in a previous version of AutoCAD work in AutoCAD for Mac?
Yes. AutoCAD for Mac supports DWG™ file formats. You can open files in AutoCAD for Mac that were created in previous versions of AutoCAD.

Are there feature differences between AutoCAD for Mac and traditional AutoCAD software for (Windows® operating system)?
There are minor differences, but none are considered limitations for students or educators. Most of the differences are related to large-scale enterprise installations where network licensing is prevalent and where hundreds or more layers are used in the design process. A student or classroom lab deployment should not experience any limitations.

Are there any feature and/or functionality differences with the education version of AutoCAD for Mac compared to a commercial version?
No, there are no feature or functionality differences between the education version commercial versions. The only difference is that products offered on the Education Community are watermarked and limited to a 3-year license term.

What languages are supported with AutoCAD for Mac?
The initial release will only support English.

Where can I find more information about AutoCAD for Mac?
Please see Autodesk.com or the Autodesk Education Community.

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